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WealthScope Financial provides financial advising for medical professionals
Medical Professionals

WealthScope Financial is a financial services firm in Lehigh Valley PA that will help you grow, protect, and save your dollars. 

As a healthcare professional, you’re likely blessed with income and burdened by stress. You’re so busy taking care of others, you rarely take time to care for yourself. Isn’t it time to empower yourself?

Get guidance

As a professional in a successful medical practice, your time and money is incredibly valuable. That is why we make it our top priority to address the unnecessary risk that is present for the majority of physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and their financial plans.

Like many of our medical professional clients, you may already have a relationship with a financial planner, financial advisor, insurance agent, accountant, attorney, etc. Yet, when we perform an overview of a medical professionals plans, many are financially imbalanced and exposed to unnecessary risks from embedded taxes, lawsuits, lifestyle factors, inefficient use of assets, etc.


Failing to address these risks, places unwanted pressure on your ability to build wealth.


At WealthScope Financial, we bring together leading professionals in the fields of financial planning, estate planning, taxation, law, practice management, succession planning, client retention, to assist our clients in addressing these issues and achieve optimal financial balance in their lives.

Most people would not have their primary care doctor perform brain surgery, so why would you trust your unique planning needs to a generalist?​

Here at WealthScope Financial, we:

  • Have worked with numerous health care professionals (surgeons, physicians, dentists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses etc).

  • Employ a methodical approach to educating, protecting and liberating your wealth.

  • Use a proprietary process called WealthScope GPS™ to strategize, organize and implement your plan.

  • Educate our clients on what to do and why, versus simply “telling” them what to do.

  • Become the primary caretaker for your financial life.

Wealth Management

While it’s common to fall into a random, point-solution driven approach to managing wealth, the true key lies in an integrated vision of your overall wealth management.

Too often, we see the best-laid plans of individuals fall short of their potential due to an unstructured approach to managing their financial lives. Maximum value is gained when a plan is developed and reviewed that encompasses all aspects of your financial picture – and that is where our specialty lies.

At WealthScope Financial, we believe a comprehensive approach to wealth management results in a better understanding of your goals and the steps needed to achieve them.

Our commitment and pledge

  • Diligent and continual dedication to seek out and provide appropriate investment products and services that suit each client’s individual needs

  • Establish and maintain service that meets the requirements of each client

  • Always being vigilant and responsive to the changing needs of our clients and the ever-changing world around us

WealthScope Financial helps you create a solid wealth building financial strategy

Wealth on YOUR Terms

Isn’t it time to take better care of yourself? Empower yourself and your wealth

Interested in learning more about how we can help you?

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